Board Recruitment & Advisory Services

In today's complex and change-oriented society, the importance of the Company Board is increasing. The board and its highly selected members are now being challenged across a vide variety of areas.

Many businesses in Norway have started on an international journey. This places new requirements on the Board's ability to deal with additional market complexities, new competitive arenas as well as cultural differences. In addition comes often a new flora of social, ethical and moral dilemmas. Technological innovation gains momentum across all industries and often has an exponential development. Traditional value chains are affected overnight and the competitive environment changes - today's competitors may soon be tomorrow's partners.

In this landscape the Board must be competent, informed and able to challenge the administration's adaptability to shape the company's future. The Boards role as an inspiring, competent and challenging sparring partner must be balanced with the necessary control and appropriate corrective tool box.  The board member of the future must be competent and motivated to invest the time and effort required. Often, to many board this requires new members with the desired skills, competences and insight.

Regulatory requirements, compliance, social responsibility, openness and transparency are important issues on the Board's agenda. Today's society expects Norwegian companies to be leading by example, and the boards are more often than not immediately exposed when there is discrepancy between theory and practice. This increase the requirements on board members expertise, experience, personal skills, professionalism and ability to handle situations when the public spotlight is turned on.

Amrop Delphi see continuous and systematic initiatives in the market for the development of current and future leaders and leadership groups. We believe being a vital and valuable member of the boards of the future will be significantly more challenging for all in terms of professionalism, insight and willingness to contribute. The composition and interactions in the boards must receive the same attention and importance as composition and evaluation of any management team. We believe board work will be much more demanding in terms of competence, effort and commitment.


Our expertise
Amrop Delphi has extensive experience and offers professional processes for recruiting chairmen and board members for companies, businesses and organizations. We can assist in the recruitment of individual positions as well as the complete composition of a board. Our advice will always be based on a through understanding of the company's business idea, strategy, goals, the operations and competitive market situations.
Amrop Delphi also assists the election committee in board evaluation. We can facilitate processes where criteria's for the board's competence are evaluated, and we conduct competency mapping of the current board to document any gaps between existing and desired skills.


Amrop global board service
Through our international network and Amrop board practice group, we follow closely trends in professional boards. Our global network in Amrop also gives us access to a unique database of competent, experienced and motivated board candidates.

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