Arne Gunnar Dokken

Arne Gunnar Dokken is Managing Partner at Amrop Delphi. He has extensive experience in management, strategy and management change in large enterprises. His main area of expertise is leadership assessment and executive recruitment in financial services, private equity and retail industry.

Arne Gunnar joined Delphi Consulting, the forerunner of Amrop Delphi, in 2007. As Managing Partner he has conducted numerous management audits and has been responsible for a large number of top-level management recruitments for major companies.

He has over 20 years’ experience from several national and international companies, including Kværner, Accenture and BearingPoint. He has extensive experience from the public and private sectors, both as Line Manager and as a consultant. He has acquired substantial expertise in the requirements of leadership in many different contexts.

Arne Gunnar is a graduate of the Military Academy with additional qualifications from the Norwegian School of Management, BI.