Executive Search Services

Amrop Delphi has a holistic approach to executive search to help our customers find 'Leaders For What's Next' - top qualified executives who have the potential and ability to develop the company further.

In Amrop Delphi we are continously evaluating candidate availability, benchmarking against others and finding candidates who not only have the necessary experience and expertise, but also fit into the corporate culture.

We are not only looking for skilled managers, but also searching for those who are skilled in the relevant position in the comparable contexts. We draw on our collective expertise as a firm using also the Amrop global network when the candidates are to be found outside Norway, as well as involving consultants around the globe with specific industry knowledge. Multi-country assignments are coordinated by a Lead Consultant who acts as the primary interface with the client.

Amrop Delphi has expertise in methodology for business analysis, selection and process management, specially designed for the recruitment of executives and managers. Our overall process includes:


Company And Position Analysis – "as-is-analysis"

The aim of the assignment is defined, and an ideal candidate profile developed through extensive discussions with the client. We discuss needs and requirements as we meet selected key stake holders in the organization, as well as developing a broad understanding of the organization, business and corporate goals, culture, strategy, goals and other requirements for the role. Together with the firm we also define the attractiveness of the role to the appropriate candidates.

The requirement specification discussed with and approved by the client, and we also prepare communication materials to be presented to the potential candidates.


Search Process

Amrop Delphis' researchers are experts in the art of executive search, and based on our findings and total understanding of the requirements for the role and our long expertise, we develop a targeted search strategy for finding the optimal candidates.

Our search will cover both known and unknown candidates, as well as ensuring we understand the changes in the market place for candidates and understand the possible candidate's motivation for change.

An active search is a thorough and comprehensive process where we systematic and analytical map the market to identify the most relevant candidates. In this work we also use our own comprehensive and quality-assured candidate database together with other relevant available databases, websites and our extensive network of executives.


We spend a lot of time in internal quality assurance reviews where potential candidates are screened and vetted, before we present selected profiles to the customer. Prioritized candidates are invited to a confidential conversation with our consultant.

Amrop Delphi can also support the executive search approach with advertising in different channels where we assists in developing a media plan with proposed advertisement texts and placement strategy.

All the time we keep our clients updated and informed about our search, the progress and the feedback in the market.


Candidate Evaluations and Selection

Amrop Delphi conducts preliminary discussions with relevant candidates, where the emphasis is on the candidate's competence, experience and achieved results, as well as their motivation for a new challenge is discussed.

We carefully prioritize a few selected candidates for customer to meet, and we facilitates and assists in arranging and planning the meeting. The candidate will normally be presented a broader business insight and understanding of the challenges from the client, as well as a set of expectations for the role. The candidate gets sufficient time to present their background, relevant experience and results, as well as their matured motivation and fit for the role.

As a part of our evaluation, most candidates will undergo tests and depth assessment to identify personal characteristics, preferred cooperation models and analytical skills. In addition we perform thorough reference checks from previous jobs and roles to confirm the candidate's career achievements, demonstrated leadership, strengths, weaknesses and results.

Amrop Delphi checks original diplomas and certificates as well as financial credit check where this is legally permitted and appropriate. If required or desired, we can manage background check through  professional subcontractors.

On the basis of an overall assessment Amrop Delphi present final candidate(s) for the client. We emphasize to highlight the consequences of different choices and how candidates should be supported going forward.

Depending on the desire of the client, Amrop Delphi can assist both the client and the candidate in discussions for a market based compensation package, drawing on our vast knowledge of market insight.


Starting in a new organization – and lessons learned

After the right candidate is chosen, Amrop Delphi maintain contact with both the candidate and client to ensure a smooth integration into the organization. Both can contact us at any point in time for discussions of any kind.

As a vital part of our quality assurance process, we also sit down formally with both client and candidate and perform a "lessons learned session" where we go through the assignment and discuss both success stories as well as potential areas for improvement for further assignments.