Energy, Infrastructure & Transportation

The Global Energy and Infrastructure sectors face structural transformations as they explore new and emerging markets. Leaders of tomorrow will navigate companies around the globe, and will experience challenges such as the changing generation mix, substantial change programs involving decarbonization, securing fuel and energy supplies at reasonable costs, as well as optimization of operational efficiency and customer service improvement.

Population growth and increased globalization with increasingly tight requirements for efficiency combined with environmental concerns are requirements that infrastructure are facing. A well-developed infrastructure is vital for sustainable development, and we see a significant investment in areas such as road, rail, air and energy. The infrastructure for the future must be effective to build, environmental friendly, be the most optimal for current and future logistics pattern, supporting population transportation needs and be scalable to adapt to the ever changing needs.

The transportation industry is the "physical glue" of value chains, and plays a vital part in all industries. This is also true even in the digital world where many services end up having tangible products. Many challenges have been around for ages, but still remain in the industry; continuous change of consumption patterns alters transportation needs, increased demands for NOX reductions and introduction of new sources of energy production (i.e. shale gas) create new transportation routes, a wish for instant delivery, and so on.

Amrop Delphi works with stakeholders in the sectors to attract innovate and competent leaders with strong strategic skills, able to further develop the organization and ensuring effeicient utilization of resources. 

Drawing on our team experts, Amrop Delphi teams of professional consultants take a structured approach to executive search based on their knowledge of the market and key players, industry trends and a broad network of high-level relationships. Amrop Delphi partners and researchers combine deep sectorial insight with local market expertise, backed by global resources. We work closely with clients in the cost-effective, robust and sustainable deployment of global talent.


Our Expertise

We specialize in executive leadership roles and board recruitment. Amrop Delphi understands the energy, infrastructure and transportation business contexts and has deep insight into the relevant market segments. This enables us to identify top candidates who fit each client’s unique culture, structure, strategic objectives and business requirements.

We also understand the drivers of a new multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce. We can assist management in designing a compelling employee value proposition to attract and retain highly skilled executives with leadership qualities and resilience to lead their firm.