Financial Services

Now, more than ever, the Financial Services sector requires leaders who can quickly adapt to change and understand how to deal with the global pressures of the financial crisis and its aftermath. Doing so while maintaining high profitability and a positive image of the Financial Services companies they work for is the key issue.

Traditional financial institutions are facing increased competition from vibrant new entrants. Evidence of this includes global investment in FinTech having grown exponentially, with investment expected to grow still further.

In this scenario, the banks might be experiencing the innovation paradox. The main message from regulators to banks after the financial crisis in 2008 was this: take less risk. But with the rapidly evolving financial landscape and customer expectations that are increasingly digital in nature, as well as the threat of disruptive FinTechs, the main message from the public to banks is to innovate. So banks are expected to both innovate and take less risk. The paradox is that innovation necessarily involves taking risks to some extent.

In this complex and rapidly changing landscape, there is a greater need than ever to find executives who can think clearly, navigate a steady course and at the same time innovate for future needs and opportunities. Amrop Delphi has been a trusted advisor and has recruited executives at every level and type of position in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. Including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and CIOs at:

  • Insurance companies
  • Retail banks
  • Corporate banks
  • Investment banks
  • Private equity


Our Expertise

Using our context-driven approach to executive search, we find the executives who would find themselves at home in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, New York, London or Berlin. We help inform candidates about our clients' firms, building a comfort level in this crisis environment, and work with you to set expectations and shape the opportunity.

Our Financial Services/Fintech Practice consists of consultants experienced in working with both financial services and technology companies. This dual focus provides a thorough understanding of these two interconnected industries, and forms a powerful platform for identifying and hiring forward-looking leaders with the relevant expertise and cultural fit.

Our research-intensive procedures are ingrained in the Amrop Delphi DNA, ensuring our clients always have access to the most current trends available.