Health Care & Life Sciences

The Healthcare Sector has been undergoing an extensive expansion in recent years in terms of its organizational, technological and professional skill set dimensions. This has given rise to an increased need for coordination and communication, both across the entire country as well as between the different levels. New treatment offerings and increased needs among the population for healthcare assistance must be covered in new, innovative manners.

Both the municipal government levels as well as the specialist healthcare service have large digitalization programs that will also contribute in the future to the population being able to receive healthcare services at all levels. The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are also undergoing expansions. New companies are appearing, and there is a need for robust business models in both existing as well as new industries.

Amrop Delphi has assisted in many of the most crucial recruitments. We have also had the responsibility for recruitment of executives for a number of national companies and through these experiences have gained a deeper understanding of the possibilities associated with digitalization, teamwork and good processes – so we possess the competence to be recruiting for the future. 

Amrop Delphi has competence in recruiting executives and board members for the future in the following areas: 

  • Public sector specialist healthcare services
  • Local government healthcare services
  • Private specialist healthcare services
  • Pharmacy and dianostics industries
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical technical equipment
  • Governmental authority supervision and roles
  • Research and development


Our Expertise

Amrop Delphi is probably the most experienced company in the market today for the recruitment of senior management for healthcare enterprises. Over the past decade, we have assisted in recruiting nearly 300 managers for the sector. These are extremely central positions with governmental authorities, in research and education as well as executives for all the regional healthcare authorities in Norway, involving both CEO positions and senior management positions within these organizations.

Amrop Delphi also possesses extensive experience from recruiting managers for private specialist healthcare services and local government healthcare services, and we have assisted in establishing good boards of directors in both the public and private sectors. The breadth of our assignments has given us an understanding of the challenges that managers in the healthcare sector face, as well as a broad network enabling us to rapidly establish contact with and have a basis for evaluating the most relevant candidates. 

We have contributed to many innovative management teams in newly established and listed companies within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.