The Industrial sector spans multiple sub-categories. While these are differentiated by technology, applications and products, one mega trend is changing the game across the board: the ‘internet of things’ or Industry 4.0.  Both terms describe the merger of two evolutionary forces. Firstly, the machines, fleets and facilities born of a series of industrial revolutions. Secondly, IT, big data, robotics, machine learning and digitalization in general.

Agile and forward-looking organizations are innovatively combining these forces to connect machines, components and data systems along the entire value chain. Unprecedented levels of product customization are already possible for the brightest and best players.

This is nothing short of a fourth industrial revolution. Yet its progress is already being slowed by talent shortage. For a new profile of leadership is now needed: an ability to transform complexity into opportunity across functional, geographical and conceptual borders. Whilst the call for such talent is on the rise globally, some regions, like Asia, are experiencing a particularly steep scale of development.



Amrop Delphi combines industrial insight with local know-how, connecting local or regional variances to a global framework within the largest global partnership of our kind.

All Amrop Member Firms are led by entrepreneurs and shareholders, people who are deeply committed to long-term client relationships based in trusted advisor ship.

Relentlessly context driven, our understanding of the specific needs and goals of each client enables us to identify and attract high-performing leaders