Public Sector

We live in a time where major changes occur more rapidly than earlier and government and governmental administrations must deal with ever more complex challenges. Decision making requires experienced and competent leaders, as the outcome affects the development of society and our daily lives. Amrop Delphi believes it is vital the public sector recruits competent, experienced and motivated leaders who, not only make wise decisions, but also take on the role as a driving force in this development and modernization work.

Amrop Delphi has followed the local government sector for many years and this has enabled us to accumulate significant expertise concerning the organization and overall management challenges. The executive positions in the public sector require a unique set of requirements, such as the ability to professional manage and drive processes, to consistently and trustworthy handle media and publicity and, more often than not, the unique size of the area of responsibility.

The public sector is, like most other sectors, exposed to the global and overall trends, but often the consequences and impact for "you and me" are much larger. Topics as globalization, digitalization, efficiency improvements, work force mobility, dual career for top individuals, as well as the implications of an every more connected society and the latent risk for "being hacked" impose great responsibilities on the management in charge.

We have long experience with recruiting for management positions in most governmental ministries, as well as the agencies and enterprises operated under their structure. We have worked closely with reorganizations in sectors such as transportation, healthcare and law enforcement, and also supported the birth of start-up companies. We have completed a significant number of assignments for government ministries, their underlying and associated agencies, for enterprises and for municipalities. Furthermore we have a substantial number of assignments for state-owned companies.

Associations, foundations and non-governmental organizations and social welfare organizations, are also a part of the Amrop Delphi portfolio.

We strongly believe there are great benefits for both our clients and candidates having Amrop Delphi working in both public and private sector. Our unique footprint enables unique insights into the Norwegian society, working life and business community, allowing us to see the value and relevance of extended management mobility between the sectors. We are committed to dedicating attention to the special challenges in management that our society faces, rendering this visible to potential candidates and making the positions attractive. 

Our Expertise

Amrop Delphi is probably the most experienced executive search firm for recruitment of executives across the public sector in Norway.  Our public sector services have long been a significant part of the Amrop Delphi business in Norway. 

For decades we have supported the public sector in finding managers possessing qualifications to meet challenges for the future. We find this to be very meaningful as well as demanding.  Amrop Delphi has over the years developed and honored our process expertise, gained public sector experience as well as developed a unique network to help public and governmental institutions find the most suitable talented and high-profile candidates. 

Amrop Delphi provides executive search, leadership assessment and consulting advice at the highest executive levels for these organizations. The roles include chief executives, heads of government offices, municipality directors, heads of functions, as well as having worked with the composition of several Boards of Directors for state-owned enterprises.