Technology, Telecom & Media

The digital transformation has already caused fundamental changes in industries and business models, revolutionizing how enterprises communicate with their customers. And these changes are continuing with unabated strength.

This requires strong leadership from boards of directors and management. The leadership face, among other things, developing a strategic digital road map, implementing a digital strategy and fundamentally changing the manner in which enterprises communicate and interact with their customers in a global multi-channel environment. Digital business models change customer behavior and challenge existing competition arenas, with the consumer gaining constantly greater strategic significance.

Private and public enterprises must position themselves for a digital change journey that is necessary to be able to create competitive advantages in a world subject to great changes in an ever higher pace. Advanced uses of technology and digital solutions can contribute to rationalizations, cost reductions, modernization and new, innovative solutions. Keywords are cloud technology, service economy, mobile Web applications and automation and self-service. Extreme data growth in a digital world, where everyone and everything must be on the Internet (Internet of Things) will require a robust infrastructure and significant investments in competence and expertise.

Amrop Delphi's unique combination of expertise and resources, including best practices, has been designed to meet demands for top management in the following industries:

  • IT/Technology
  • Telecom
  • Media

Our Expertise

Amrop Delphi possesses significant competence and extensive experience in the sector. We can provide solid references that are at the forefront of their respective industries. Amrop Delphi, in addition to its deep sector-related expertise and local market competence, also draws support from global resources. Our Global Practice Group within the sector is managed from the Nordic countries and features heavy involvement of resources, competences and especially insight into best practices from Nordic enterprises.

Amrop Delphi has long-term partnerships with its customers involving not only Executive Search, but also providing Board Recruitment and Advisory Services as well as Leadership and Assessment Services.

Amrop Delphi is a Trusted Advisor – assisting and supporting enterprises in both the private and public sectors throughout their digital transformations.