Leadership and Assessment Services

In the market there is a wide range of consultants and services in the area of in management, leadership development and management evaluation, often characterized by trends with varying degrees of documentation and adaptation to new markets and its needs.

In this environment it is not as easy to find "the truth". As a trusted advisor we must be able to gather information from multiple sources, use our extensive experience and knowledge, adapt our methods and customize our advice to the clients' current or to-be situation.

Amrop Delphi defines management assessment as a structured, comprehensive and objective assessment of current skills, experience and future potential. In addition, we take into consideration the individuals personal fit, maturity and competence. Management assessment will always be conducted with a specific set of unique criteria (position, role or management level) based on undisputable and documented observations and facts. The assessments are often conducted for individuals and with teams of various sizes.


Our management and leadership assessments are applied in many different situations. The most relevant are:

  • Management assessment of external candidates when conducting an executive search process
  • Management assessment of internal candidates in connection with job vacancies
  • Assessment of management teams:
      • Acquisition or integration processes (i.e. due diligence processes)
      • As a mandatory part of the development of teams and management teams in companies
      • As part of company and role assessment with the appointment of a new member of the management team
      • As part of a mandatory evaluation of the board and / or recruitment of a new board directo
  • Succession planning and talent identification
  • Organizational Development processes


As an executive search firm we have a vast knowledge base in the area of management and leadership assessment, and our strong advice is to highly customize and tailor-make the approach to serve the purpose of every unique company and situation. However, the following areas still required steps in the work process:

  1. Preliminary analysis: What is the goal and purpose of the assessment? What values, leadership principles and competencies to be measured today and in the future? Which evaluation methods should be used and how should the process be tailored to the situation?
  2. Reviews: Self Assessment (Q & A), CV analysis, structured / semi-structured in-depth interviews (academic, personal, social), selection of what tests to be appropriate (personality test, aptitude tests, team profile tests, case, etc.)
  3. Report and feedback: Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of likely strengths, weaknesses and potential. Team profile analysis with areas of improvement. Recommendations for success in the role. Feedback to participants and customer.
  4. Follow-up and knowledge transfer: Evaluation of process and lessons learned. Follow-up of customer and each involved individual.


Based on more than 7 000 globally completed assessments Amrop have acquired a set of assessment tools and built up a solid portfolio of benchmarks and experience. As Amrop does not itself have any stake in these tools, we can tailor the set of tools to be used for each project based on its unique nature and purpose.

All of Amrop Delphis' ratings meet mandatory requirements:

  • Compliance with all statutory, legal and ethical provisions.
  • All relevant competence shall be measurable and linked to business strategy.
  • At least one partially structured and standardized personal interview per participant.
  • Oral and written reports to both client and candidate.
  • Advisers in the academic aspect: an experienced executive search consultant with significant commercial and business understanding.
  • Advisers in the personal / social aspect: Certification and documented background in the use of psychological tests and tools


As a member of AESC, Amrop Delphi strictly follow the ethical guidelines. This is reflected in our management and leadership assessments. We, however, are not constrained or limited by it – we go further. As your trusted advisor we stay in contact with both candidates and clients as a guarantee to all involved. We:

  • disqualify external candidates that we propose, in favor of more suitable internal candidates.
  • rejects assessments where the motivation is questionable or unclear.
  • rejects assessment tool where validity is not sufficiently proven.
  • always respect the individual - also upon or after termination of employment.