A Case of Globalization: Building the Future II - Building a Culture that Drives Agility

As organizations venture down the path of globalization, they encounter a fundamental struggle: maintaining their core DNA across the new markets in which they grow. Their culture and values must be kept alive, whilst designing an organization that has the agility conducive to sustained growth. Find out how a pioneering MidCap built its organizational culture to drive agility and global growth.

It started as a small cog in a very large machine. Pramod Bhasin, Head of GE Capital’s Asian operations, led a twenty-person team to launch a pilot project that he had conceptualized – running the global giant’s back-office service operations. By 1998, the cog had already begun to gain traction as a game-changer, setting up India’s first call centre.

Over the following years, this in-house business service provider rapidly acquired momentum, managing a spectrum of processes across GE’s financial services and manufacturing businesses. It built infrastructure in multiple cities around India, hiring and training tens of thousands of highly-motivated young people and engaging in gender diversity.

In 2005, the newly-named Genpact struck out as an independent business process re-engineering company, serving clients outside of GE. Today, Genpact (“generating business impact”) employs 68,000 employees, with 73 delivery centers and a presence in 25 countries around the world, generating revenues of US$2.28 billion in 2014. 

Building a strong organizational culture has been the cornerstone of the company’s success. To find out how Genpact used its values and culture to drive agility and global growth, Amrop interviewed Pramod Bhasin, Founder and former President & CEO of Genpact.

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